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Never do laundry again.
You have better things to do!

Are you tired of doing the laundry during your weekends? Do you want to enjoy your free time a little more?

Our service is easy to use. We wash your laundry, dry it and fold it for you. You can pick your clothes in less than 2 hours after we receive them.

You Drop Off Your Laundry

We receive your laundry. And, at your request, we sort it manually by color.

We Wash Your Clothes

Using our top-performing machines, we wash and dry your laundry.

You Take Your Clean Clothes

We carefully fold your clothes. At your request, we iron your shirts, pants, dresses, etc.


Services we offer

Laundry services

Washing, drying, and folding.

We wash clothes, quilts, bedsheets, etc.

Ironing service**

We offer hand ironing of your shirts, pants, dresses, etc.

** Ironing service available at Atlas Laundry store


Wash More And Pay Less

Our prices are incomparable, and our services remain premium.

Where to find us?

Located in strategic locations. Our laundromats are near shops, cafes, restaurants, mosques, and parks.

LavMatik Badii


Since 2009 LavMatik has been offering our customers an experience based on a clever mix of freedom and technicality. But above all, a saving of precious time.

You can find LavMatik in the Badii district, near shops, cafes, restaurants, mosques, and parks.

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Atlas Laundry Mabrouka

Atlas Laundry opened in 2020. Located in the Mabrouka district in Guéliz , Atlas Laundry is near shops, cafes, restaurants, and parks.

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